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So, you're hosting a birthday party and want it to be the best ever?

Here's some super valuable advice that I'm able to give you from my many years of experience as a professional entertainer. Even if you're blessed with ultimate resources, these days with a pandemic, you need to keep everything simple and safe.

This short list makes for an incredible memorable party that is easy, economical, but unforgettable too. The following will include tips and advice that will help.


1) How to get your guests to arrive on time. Yes, this is a huge problem. Some cultures are worse than others. I'm not judging, and it's not disrespect. But it's just cultural in many situations.

Simply ask them to be prompt! Sounds simple enough, but the mere act of asking for promptness will assure that more guest will arrive on time. Also, on the day before, send another reminder to please  be on time. One trick is to say the show will start at 4:15 sharp (studies show that if you schedule at 15 minutes before or after people are more prompt.) 

2) At home or not at home, indoors or outdoors- that is the question.

If you choose a venue that's not at home, make it as small as possible so that you're not tempted to invite more people. Again, these days we need to keep it small and simple. For any professional entertainer, indoors is always preferable. Parks are certainly the most difficult because you could never control the elements (rain, wind, parking, getting supplies in or out, etc.) If done in a backyard, one can have tents and if bad weather hits, you simply take the party indoors, the trick is to keep it small.  Like this, it's simple with very little mess or fuss.

3) How many kids to invite?

The average party has 12 to 15 kids. You don't really need to invite the block. Again, if you can keep it smaller you'll have less mess and expense. Also, you'll feel good about respecting the pandemic and being able to honor your child (or any other celebrant) on their birthday or any other occasion.  

4) Decorate wisely for visual candy.

First take an area where you would set-up the table with the cake, goodie bags, etc. Then take the wall behind the cake table and decorate with balloons and signs that say Happy Birthday or Congratulations.

5) Give your party a BIG feel. How?


Hire a professional Entertainer. A Magician is best.  Studies indicate that Magic is enjoyed by most people, as opposed to a traditional Clown. Why? While I personally love Clowns, but the word "Coulrophobia" is real.  Basically, it's the fear of a white face or mask. Recent movies haven't helped with this fear. Las Vegas is the capital of USA entertainment and magic (and different styles of it) is their most popular genre of entertainment.  

Micky Magic is a hybrid... A Master Magician and a Clown at heart. No white face, and a cool costume and presence.


6) Be sure to check your entertainers' credentials and experience.  Ask questions that are important to you, like "What do I need to provide?" or "is it better indoors or outdoors?"


Is he/she bonded/insured with lots of references.  Can they provide you with references? Sometimes parents are tempted to get the cheapest price. It's said in many languages... "Lo barrato sale Carro" or " Cheap is rarely good and good is rarely cheap".  Look for value. Compare everything and get the best for less.

7) What about food and refreshment?

The cake is a given, but for the rest, Pizza is best/or finger foods (nuggets, empanadas, mini egg rolls/lumpia, etc.) Forget extravagant meals.  Sandwiches (cut in 4 like an X) with cut fruit and veggies (always teach kids to eat healthy.) Stay away from single use plastic.  For drinks, small aluminum cans are better (8oz. cans are the most recyclable unlike plastic.) For water, I like water pitchers like Brita, Pur, etc. served in disposable paper cups. Teachers are teaching our kids everyday about the 3 R's... Reuse, Renew, and Recycle. Always support Teachers and our planet.  Thank You!

8) Make clean-up a snap.

As a parent, I find that most kids feel good when they are given projects (works better when it's not Mommy or Daddy assigning the project.)  Simple, get 2 or 3 garbage cans or containers lined with plastic bags marked for whatever is to be recycled and give it to the kids. Watch them go at it. Don't forget to complement, praise, and show your gratitude. We all need validation.

9)Make it an event to remember.  

Throughout the event, snap lots of pictures.  Later, these can be sent to family and friends for precious archives. And lastly, be sure to take a group picture. This can later be sent to everyone also.

10) Last but not least, DELEGATE!                               


If you can get help from your key people, then by all means do so. Now it's time to sit and enjoy the festivities. Yes, you worked hard for your family, now it's time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

In Closing, let me thank you for reading this important " tip list " and hope it is of help to you.  I hope to have the opportunity to be a part of your Family Celebration. Thanks!

 Micky Magic


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